Snowmobile Conditions

January 16, 2018

Good to Very Good are the comments my guests are using to describe winter trail conditions. Some icyness to the corners, but overall we’re in a good spot. Midweek traffic is low, so riding right now is close to perfect for early season midweek conditions. Last weeks heavy snowfall and then light dry snows since Sunday have really turned things around. St. Germain is grooming daily now. The barespots, leaves, grass, etc basically are covered, an ice base set up to protect the carbides from dirt, and the trails are better than they have been all season. I apologize for the lack of photos, but check out the Idle Hours Resort trail report. Tom’s semi-retired now, so he gets out everyday and posts trail conditions too. Tom’s a lucky man….

“Steve the Groomer”
Here’s last nights video from Steve the Groomer out on the trails on his grooming shift:

All area lakes in the system are marked and lake crossings are pretty good. As usual, stay close to the markings, ride to the right of the barrels, and be careful of frozen ruts.

Keep Dooin’ the Dance!

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Midweek Packages offered for our resort guests

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November Snowfall:  9.5
December Snowfall: 16.7 inches
January Snowfall: 13.3 inches
February Snowfall: 7.5″
Snow Depth: 6-10 inches in the woods
2016-2017 Snow Total: 47.0 inches
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